Spoken Word Poem: Burn Down


Here I sit as the conduit and vessel for the words to come through me.

Words that push through consciousness begging to be brought to life.

My only job, to remove any resistance that may arise.

Honor the messages as they come and allow the magic to flow freely.

In a world that has become cold and hardened

these words will help those who have forgotten.

Witness as I dive into the darkness of this season.

Watch as the layers of conditioning slowly dissipate.

This is me returning to wholeness.

This is me coming back home to Self.

This is an unraveling of who I was told to be.

I did not know all I had to hide away in order to fall in line.

But now I call it back one by one.

Waking up to all that was taken, working to reclaim my sovereignty.

Each and every part of my being that was removed from this reality.

Intentionally letting go of all that is not a part of me.

Opening up to reveal the weak and wounded pieces

As I continue the descent, feeling fully into this experience

I come upon the fire in my belly.

Embers slowly burning just waiting for my initiation.

All my life I was taught to be quiet

To be the good girl

Never taking up too much space

Never rearing my ugly head

Never giving me permission to acknowledge this part of me.

I will not wait for someone to show me the way.

Today I breathe life into my flames of anger.

I allow them to rise without fear of what they may touch.

You see, my lot in life is to reclaim my rage

To be an example of this beautiful alchemy

Calling out systems that need to burn down.

Watching the disintegration of patriarchal structures.

This. This is what we hand to our daughters.

A dirty, ash filled canvas. Prime for their creating.

We burn down.

They rebuild.

For every part of us that was taken, they call back two-fold.

For every wound we endured, they become the antidote.

For every day we give life to this experience, they step forward stronger.

We pave the way for them to usher in this new world.

And so, now I see, my anger holds a divine purpose.

One that lives beyond the realms of my control.

One that was not taught but found within.

I am here to burn down.

And our daughters are here to rebuild.

And I fear for anyone who tries to step in the way.


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