welcome, sweet SOUL. I’m so glad you are here!


I am so honored that you have found your way to my website and offerings. Everything I do in this sacred online space is an extension of ME and these are my heart offerings to the world. My work is a blend of all that I am and all that I’ve gathered along the way.


I receive downloads and channel information from your spirit guides, angels and ascended masters in order to guide and support you and your highest self. I offer you this other worldly wisdom to help you navigate your journey through life. I am not here to predict your future, but I will provide you with insights, wisdom and tools to help you find the answers that already reside within. I use a custom blend of methodologies involving tarot cards, oracle cards, astrology, crystals, Reiki and more. Each and every experience with a client is intuitively led and always divinely guided. I’ve spent many years growing and expanding both myself and my gifts. And I know that it’s never ending. I’m always looking to learn more about myself and what I have to offer to this world. I’m so honored to be able to connect with people in this way and if you have found your way here, please know that it was by no accident.

I’m actively and consciously calling in my ideal clients. I’m working with my own guides to get really clear about who needs the medicine that I have to offer. I encourage you to read the testimonials below that some of my clients have written. Their words and experiences are far more powerful than anything that I could tell you. If you feel a resonance with the work that I am doing, please book a reading with me.

tarot readings

I’m not a fortune teller. I’m not here tell you definitively what is going to happen or what you should do. What I can do is provide you with energetic insights and guidance about what is happening. I can gracefully shine a light on an area, an issue or a subtle energy that is trying to reach the surface. I can help illuminate a part of your experience that needs attention, healing and love. I believe we all hold the answers within us, but sometimes we need someone to help show us the way. We need the gentle and encouraging nudge to get us started. My readings help to empower you to create change; to help you see things from a different perspective.

I have a very personal ritual that I use to connect in with your spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters. I call upon them to assist the reading so that it brings you the exact right guidance and messages that you need to hear. I pull cards in my sacred space and receive intuitive downloads for you. I sit with the cards and figure out the story that is wanting to come through.

Beyond the Horizon, 12 month energy report. I’m bringing back a client favorite, ya’ll! I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue to offer these readings. At the moment when I was questioning myself and wondering if these were valuable, FOUR people reached out to me about them specifically. It was a clear sign from my guides that these are in fact potent medicine for people. Recently I’ve had multiple clients who purchased one of these readings last year, come back again this year for another. This is a true testament to the power of these readings.

What you get is a beautiful written PDF report. This PDF report will give you energetic downloads and guidance about the next 12 months as well as a theme card for the year. It’s important to note these readings do not predict your future, but prepare you for the energy of each month. The report includes gorgeous images of the cards as well as channeled information straight from your spirit guides, angels and ascended masters.The investment $111

I also offer these as a 6 month energy report. It’s the same PDF document with cards and downloaded information for each month. The investment $70

Intuitive Skype sessions: These are in-person readings that are a combination of Tarot and energy work. It allows the reading to be more collaborative where we can go through the cards and have the opportunity to dive in deeper and ask clarifying questions if we want to know more about a particular card or message that came through. I want to be clear in that my readings are not predictors of what will happen. They will not give you the answers but they will uncover, reveal and empower you – that is for sure. My readings offer insight into the current energy of what is most significant in your life. My schedule is limited for these readings, so feel free to reach out via email first if you want to have a better understanding of timing. The investment $111

If you are ready to move forward and purchase a reading, you can CLICK HERE to send your payment in. Let me know if you are looking for a written energy report, or an intuitive skype session. Once payment is received, I’ll let you know where you are in my schedule. Currently, I’m only taking 1 client for every 2 week window. I do this because energy work often works on it’s own timeline. The two week window allows me to drop in when I am feeling it’s time and not feel pressured by quick deadline or turnaround. If you wish to email me first to see what the wait would be, please do so.


Here is what some beautiful clients are saying about my work

“I have to tell you, I haven’t opened this reading until today. I just felt intuitively like I couldn’t until I was in a space where I could really drop in, because I knew it was going to be so huge. And I am crying. This – YOU – magic. So incredibly on point, I hope I get the chance one day to tell you just how insanely accurate and illuminating your work is. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now, exactly. Go it alone, slow down, enjoy, and be ready for more. You’re such a blessing in my life, truly. You are the ONLY woman I go to for this kind of work outside of my astrology teacher. I hold you in the highest court of my heart Hera, truly. Thank you for sharing your gift with me, you have just shifted the trajectory of my life.”

Danielle B.

“It was apparent upon reading the very first sentence of Hera’s tarot reading that she is extremely talented. She tuned into ongoing patterns in my life that needed to be addressed. Her delivery was constructive, powerful, and at the same time soft and comforting. I resonated with every single thing she said, there are truly no words to describe the grandness of this reading. Hera provided me with the guidance, confirmation, and confidence I needed to continue on with my business venture.  Hera is a beautiful, kind soul that I am so grateful to know and I highly recommend a Deep Dive/Celtic Cross reading with her!”

– Madison Rosenberger

“Lovely, talented Hera: first off, I would just like to send a million thank you’s for your in-depth, insightful and soul-filled reading. I so appreciate your time and energy! Secondly – you are dead on. Your intuitive abilities in conjunction with the cards have delivered such a POWERFUL message, one that I’ve known deep inside but can no longer ignore. It sometimes takes someone else to hold up the mirror for you – to see where healing must take place and shine the light on areas needing improvement. The entire reading reflects my internal and subconscious issues that have been lingering. Your words struck a chord that resonated deeply with me, it felt almost relieving to have these things uncovered, intentionally acknowledged and brought up to the surface. (also teared up at work! lol)”

-Vanessa B

“I wanted to reach out because I got a reading from you in November last year – one of your beyond the horizon readings and it was the best I’ve ever had in my life. I wanted to ask if you still offer these because I printed it out and its been so helpful each and every month and I would love to get another 12 month reading when the time comes around. Honestly they are amazing because you never stated what would happen in each month, but more like tuning into the energy of the month to provide the guidance needed when the time came along. It’s awesome!”


“Hera’s readings always resonate with me. I had been feeling creatively blocked and her reading gave me the tools as to where I should start to open my creative channels again. It is difficult to receive affirmation of challenges in one’s life and hard to overcome those challenges, but I am thankful that Hera’s messages are not sugarcoated. Instead, she reveals areas of conflict and provides the tools to resolve them. Hera has an uncanny knack for getting to the heart of the matter. She is sensitive and compassionate and always gives constructive advice.  I have had Hera do a reading for me twice now and both times I have noticed an increase in my creativity as well as a sense of becoming more balanced in my approach to my daily life.”



If you are interested in learning more about my style of tarot reading, sign up for my email newsletter! I pull cards and send out intuitive guidance each New & Full moon!


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