This is for the Silence Breakers

These words have been swirling inside me for a while, and this post sat as a draft for a few weeks, but today’s announcement of Time Magazine’s person of the year pushed me to come back and finish this post. I can get used to a world where men, especially men in power, are being […]

Spoken Word Poem: Burn Down

BURN DOWN Here I sit as the conduit and vessel for the words to come through me. Words that push through consciousness begging to be brought to life. My only job, to remove any resistance that may arise. Honor the messages as they come and allow the magic to flow freely. In a world that […]

I Have All the Time I Need

Hello sweet lovely one, I’m glad you popped over. I wanted to share some thoughts that have been swirling in my soul lately: I no longer allow the perception of time, or lack there of, to be a barrier. This. This is changing my life. There is not more guilt or shame for half written […]

The Rise of the Divine Feminine

Here is what I have to say to those who don’t understand the march, what it’s about and why it’s happening and to those who have been denouncing it. What you are failing to see is that this is the Divine Feminine rising. This goes far beyond any ONE issue, because yes, there are countless […]

Winter Solstice Podcast & Giveaway

Hello loves! I am so honored to have been asked to be on the Bridging Realities Podcast. I have been listening to the podcast for a few months, and I absolutely love the way that Danielle and Eugenia break down astrology. The way that they can break down and interpret natal charts is downright inspiring. […]

Modern Mystic Spotlight: Katie Burke

HELLO! I often find myself absolutely blown away and inspired by incredible Women doing amazing things with their lives. I wanted to start a series here on the blog and feature what I would call a Modern Mystic. A Modern Mystic is someone who is tuned in, connected to their spirituality and living a mindful […]

Guest Post: Kundalini Meditation with Leanna Christie

Hello loves! I am so excited to share this incredible guest post with you all. My friend, Leanna Christie from Clarity & Calm, has written this amazing post about Kundalini Meditation. I love the way she breaks it down and makes it so easy to understand. Enjoy! I’m Leanna Christie, I teach meditation at Clarity […]